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Privacy Policy

Welcome to AuthBlock. This Privacy Policy is crafted to address our global audience and outlines our commitment to the protection and responsible use of personal data, adhering to international standards and regulations. AuthBlock collects various types of personal information, which may include personal identification, contact details, and usage data. This collection primarily occurs through direct interactions with our users and, where applicable, through the use of cookies and similar tracking technologies.

Our use of this data is chiefly to provide and enhance our services, incorporating advanced AI algorithms and Blockchain technology. We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data. Robust data encryption and security practices are in place, especially critical given the sensitive nature of Blockchain and AI data.

In alignment with global privacy standards, such as GDPR, CCPA, and other regional data protection laws, we store personal data only as long as necessary for our operational requirements and ensure its proper deletion based on predefined criteria. Our data sharing practices are transparent, and we only disclose information under specific conditions, such as with trusted partners or when legally mandated.

We recognize and respect the privacy rights granted to you under various international laws, including but not limited to, the right to access, rectify, erase, and restrict the processing of your personal data. AuthBlock provides a clear and accessible process for users to exercise these rights.

Our usage of cookies and tracking technologies is designed to improve our service delivery and user experience. We respect your privacy choices and provide options to control these technologies, including the ability to opt-out or manage preferences. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time to reflect changes in our practices or legal requirements, and we will notify you accordingly.

For any privacy-related inquiries or concerns, please contact us at This policy is crafted to be compliant with global data protection laws and reflects our commitment to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security.